About Her Soul Purpose

The first time I miscarried, I was an unmarried 21-year-old girl still in college. I was crushed when I miscarried.  I was walking in shame for so long following the loss, and I didn't even realize it. I never allowed myself to heal or even grieve. Fast forward to being in my mid-30's and married. I found myself in the same position, miscarrying. I was 5-weeks pregnant and losing mine and my husband's first baby. I was heartbroken and confused. As I started the healing process, I realized that I was still carrying so much grief and heartbreak from my first miscarriage. I soon found that the baby with my husband served a very strong purpose in my life, to heal from my past and my first miscarriage. Without that precious soul entering my life, I will have never pursued the full healing I truly needed. My life and my heart forever changed because of my precious babies and their souls. 

You see, every soul has a purpose and my babies moved me into a direction of wanting to help others heal, grow and walk in their own purpose. Whether you are suffering from PCOS, pregnancy loss grief, infertility, heartache, relational issues or simply just feeling lost, I hope to be an encouragement for your soul. There is NOTHING too big for God and nobody too lost for His arms. He sees you. He loves you. And He wants to see you walking in His beautiful love and joy!