Helping women heal, grow and walk in purpose by sharing the truth of Christ as we tackle the tough topics of womanhood.

I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 28-years-old. After years of hospitalizations, ovarian cyst ruptures, heart disease and numerous seasons of depression, anxiety and unexplained side pains, I finally knew what was wrong with me.

PCOS has been the cause of multiple miscarriages and infertility in my life. Not everybody understands the unique pain that comes with pregnancy loss. I remember the moments of loss, sadness and confusion after miscarriage. I was ashamed of my body not working "properly". I felt as if I had let my husband and our marriage down. Grief had gotten a hold of me, and I desperately needed healing. 

It’s not just PCOS, pregnancy loss or infertility that women face. There are a number of things we go through that need healing and restoration. We need to bond together as sisters in Christ and move forward!

Healing is necessary in order for us to enjoy life and live out our God given purpose.  

My heart’s desire is to offer you tools and encouragement to help you on the road to healing, growing and walking in purpose. Whether it is PCOS, pregnancy loss, infertility or something else that has brought you to a place of desperation for more of Christ, this is the right place for you! Your grief is welcome here, and most importantly, with God.

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